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Outside the sex sold legally in Nevada, prostitution in the United States transpires in the shadows of an underground economy. There are no ing records to trace, no receipts to scrutinize, and no legal records to analyze. Simply, it is difficult to grasp the size of this economy.

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Most of these sites are geared toward entry-level tutors. Make sure you read the fine print, though, so you know what qualifications are needed to offer services through the site. Teach online at Outschool Outschool is one of our favorite homeschooling resources. Single moms in Hustle Virginia can make a lot of money if you have a good de. Within communities of color, these figures are considerably higher.

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But Matthew Taylor knows those two bits of grey wool could make the difference between a good decision and a bad date tonight for a young man on the rain-slicked streets of downtown Vancouver. Taylor and another outreach worker are walking through downtown south and Yaletown. At night, this tony enclave of brick faced boutiques, galleries and restaurants reveals another, seamier side.

One not mentioned in the tourist brochures or condo. Taylor and his colleague are making the rounds, making contact, dispensing a little food, warm clothing, and support. They carry safe sex materials, needle exchange, beverages, snacks and socks. He le a team of four staff who engage with the community.

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He worked as a male escort in Vancouver, on and off the street -- sometimes this very street -- for six years. At one point in my life, I made some bad decisions.

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This focus does not address issues of shame, sexual identity, and the repression of emotion that is such a strong part of the male experience. Taylor and his outreach workers also know how tough it is to get off the street. Gaining trust often takes time, and may involve taking some verbal abuse.

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But we come back. That commitment has led to a bit of grudging respect from young men on the street, and a glimmer of recognition from funding agencies. Some experts estimate that only 10 to 15 per cent of the sex industry in B. That most of it takes place in homes, hotels or municipally-d businesses. But no one knows how many young boys and men are selling sex in Vancouver, and where.

Sue McIntyre is one of the few researchers to study male sex trade workers in Canada.

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Her report Under the Radar: the Sexual Exploitation of Young Men is a disturbing glimpse into the world of male prostitution and exploitation. It often brings support from the family or the state.

This is not an option for men. The exploitation of young men has never had the profile of female sex workers.

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It has always existed, literally, in the shadows. The trade is moving indoors, and online.

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The street corner is being replaced with chat lines, craigslist, Facebook and other social networking sites. The lines are more blurred now. In addition to street outreach, they have a support group for survival sex trade workers that meets every Wednesday night.

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Very low barrier. In the meantime, the street outreach continues.

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It may be just a pair of socks. To donate to the program, call Some are under Many are addicted. Social Services.

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