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Cinema Siren. For galpals who adore all things SATC and have been planning a night out to enjoy the second feature installment with bated breath, there are moments to enjoy in this estrogen-laden romp…Highlights? These are almost worth the price of admission….

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Evidently, despite being two decades old, the show is still as relevant today as it was all those years ago, and in fact, it still continues to make headlines Safe to say our love for the show hasn't at all diminished. And so to celebrate this affection — and the fact it's coming back — we thought we'd bring to your attention a few things you probably didn't know about the show since we're guessing you still remember every word of it.

It's now framed and hangs in Michael Patrick King's office.

Everything you need to know about the show that still has us hooked 22 years later.

Even if she was filmed from the waist up, Kim Cattrall — who played Samantha — insisted she wore heels as she said it made her feel more like her character. In the opening credits, the bus that goes past Carrie with her picture on it is full of people in the first shot, then totally empty once it splashes her.

Sarah Jessica Parker was the only one of the four ladies to have a nudity clause in her contract stating she would never appear naked. Mr Big's second wife, Natasha, always wore white because her character was meant to be 'vanilla'. Remember that politician Carrie dates in Season 3? Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda, didn't have pierced ears. All her earrings were clip-ons. The store wouldn't let them film for security reasons, so the set deers had to de a fake Tiffanys window.

A Tiffanys employer still okayed it though. No outfit was ever repeated twice — except Carrie's fur coat in the final scene of the last series where she's on the phone to 'John' you know who that is!

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When Miranda's cat steals Brady's umbilical chord hard to forget that bit the 'umbilical chord' was actually some beef jerky tied to a piece of string. The scene where Carrie and Miranda ate a cupcake outside Magnolia bakery was credited for the global boom in cupcakes sales which followed. The shop also later had to hire bouncers to control the crowds. Why was Mr Big called Mr Big? Sex and the City author Candice Bushnell told New York Magazine in'He was one of those New York guys with a big personality — you just notice him as soon as he walks in the room.

Big because he was like a big man on campus. Carrie's 'Carrie Necklace' came from costume deer, Patricia Field's, East Village shop — often frequented by students.

Sex and the city 2: too much sand, not enough city

She had one made up especially for Carrie. Second, as writer Vaughn Wysel in Shortcomings, who has a very close and open family, the mother of which Carrie felt was the person she ultimately had to break up with when the relationship with Vaughn collapsed. Who was Mr Big based on?

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Wanna see a pic of him? Mr Big was originally described by Carrie as 'the next Donald Trump' What a relief she was wrong.

The first dog to play Aidan's pooch, Pete, was afraid of actor John Corbett. It loved SJP though.

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In the end, they had to find another dog for the role. When Carrie falls into the Central Park pond to avoid a kiss from Big, Sarah Jessica Parker cut her foot on the bottom and had to have a tetanus shot straight after, even though the pool was dredged prior to filming. Luckily the scene was filmed in one take — but still WHAT a palaver! Sarah Jessica Parker was once set-up on a date with Willie Garson. Who was he, you might ask? Only Stanford Blatch! Season 5 was created to be shorter than the other series' because Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant.

Carrie never calls Mr Big 'Big' to his face — only behind his back. The four girls' family are rarely mentioned because the show's creators didn't want family issues to detract from the friendships and characters.

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When Carrie goes to LA to talk about a film version of her book and ends up having that awkward chat with Matthew McConaughey about his take on the 'Mr Big character', Matthew wasn't the first actor approached for the cameo. Originally it was Alec Baldwin, who turned it down. As did George Clooney.

Sex and the city 2: too much sand, not enough city

And also Warren Beatty. Carrie's apartment — E 73rd Street, between Park and Madison — doesn't exist. It's actual location was 66 Perry Street, between Bleeker and 4th East 73rd street. All the ladies 'lobbied' for more diversity on the show, 'no one more than Sarah Jessica', Cynthia Nixon once revealed. Kim Cattrall only decided to play Samantha after a friend convinced her. She turned down the role twice.

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That's why the baby looks so pleased to see her — CUTE! How To. Celebrity News. Grazia Magazine. Prev Next. Slide 2 of Next Article. Gallery View Gallery.

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