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I interracial up boy that dating jamaica

Would you date outside your race?

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Unlike traditional way.

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I have never been to the Caribbean and I am trying to plan a wedding that will be pleasing to our unruly families. Here are the issues:.

Interracial dating

We are a mixed race couple. Is this frowned upon in general in Jamaica? I just had a bizarre incident in Vegaswhich reminded me that not all people are One Love.

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Is security overbearing there? Is this just a bad idea? Our parents are going to be a hard sell. How do we convince them that it will be safe?

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Are we expecting too much of them? I know that no one can answer all of my questions and some things we have to decide for ourselves, I'm just looking for alternative points of view. In my opinion you will be fine and you will certainly see mixed race couples from America. There are lots of people on the forum who will tell you their experiences. My Cousin who is of Jamaican Origin married her white husband never had nothing but positive responses.

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Jamaicans on the whole will not be the ones you have to worry about, it will be other tourist. So please remember I'm sure you've had to deal with the ignorant so don't let the few spoil things for you. Look forward to your stay in Jamaica and enjoy!

Thanks westmoreland. I was just thinking about having to watch out for the other guests. But we'll always have to deal with that, so I guess I have to toughen up. I was really shocked that they asked the same question you have asked when they arrived.

Mixed race couple in jamaica - lots of questions - jamaica forum

Up until then it really never ocured to me that this was an issue any where How ignorant am I! The Jamaican people are not racist in any way. If you and your family are polite and respectful you will get it back in buckets. Security at all hotels is really to stop unauthorized persons getting on to the property.

Even more so at Als' as all bars and restaurants are open to their guests, no checks to no money needed. The guards do NOT wear guns and are unobtrusive. They have great restaurants and top of the line beverages and wine but the best about CSW is their staff who are amazing.

You can not go wrong with CSW or Jamaica.

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Negril is extremely safe when going off property. Only thought on CSA is Or adults? Jamaica is probably much less racist than a lot of countries, the US and UK include.

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However, racism does exist in JA, but I doubt if you will have much problem. If, and I must stress IF you experience any, it is likely to be mild and non-threatening. That has been the experience of my wife and self in several months spent together in Jamaica. Jamaicans are outgoing and will say what they think, so you are very unlikely to come up against covert racism — you will know where you stand with Jamaicans.

You will more likely find people saying they are pleased to see the two of you together than receive racist comments. An old black Jamaican woman, who we simply met briefly on a day out, confided in my wife and me that she was so happy she had lived to see a white Englishman married to a black Jamaican woman. Two points I would like to mention, and I hope you will consider them both carefully and accept them in the spirit in which they are meant.

These do not relate to your trip to Jamaica, but to your future life together.

There are rude, inconsiderate, unhelpful people in life. They will come across the same way to people who are the same race as them as they will to you. The problem is, a person of a different race can wrongly assume racism is the cause of the poor behaviour toward them.

More important for you, and more difficult for a person in love to consider is this: Do not see yourself too much as being in a mixed race relationship. See yourself as being a wife.

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Your foundation should be based on the fact that you are a woman in love with a man that loves you. It is very easy to see a member of a different race as attractive and not realise that much of the attraction is novelty value. Few people would ever admit to this or allow themselves to see this in themselves.

More mixed race relationships fail than same race relationships, fact. Do not dwell on the fact that you are a mixed race couple; It does not give you status or make you more interesting. It does not make you different.

Thank you JASoldier I love your words and philosphy I've never once felt racism.

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Everything in JA is just lovely. JASoldier, I rarely think about our differences and was shocked by a few overly long and rude stares we received while traveling in Vegas this weekend. I know there can be issues in the black community when a black woman is with a white man and I wanted honest opinions on what to expect in Jamaica.

I don't want to look for racism, but I don't want to be a Pollyanna either. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi writerchicknyc. If you rarely think about your racial differences, you have avoided the main stumbling block to your success as a couple. Well done! Issues can be interracial the white community as well as the black. I can recall here in the UK receiving an unkind comment from a white person, and my wife likewise. We have both had an uncalled for remark in Jamaicaeach time from a black person. We that is all people in mixed relationships can only leave the ignorance and bigotry with the perpetrators.

Give thanks for what we have; only regretting that something is missing in the life of the perpetrator, not ours. The point I tried to make regarding not looking for racism was because I think it can result in pointless debates. Too often racism is hidden and difficult to prove. One of the better arguments against racism is jamaica solid mixed race dating or friendship.

They are an example for people to see which cannot be argued against. We do not have to justify to anyone being part of such a relationship but can show people the beauty of a good relationship. My wife is white and I am black and we had the same concerns, because we were going to explore rather than sit around at our resort.

We were blown away at how friendly and accepting every single person we came into contact with was.

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We have never felt so welcomed and relaxed anywhere. You should also use Soloman and Sienna for a tour since they are a mixed couple as well, they have a wealth of knowledge of the area and history of the country. Browse allJamaica topics ». Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Jamaica forums.

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