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On first viewing, something makes one want to cheer Pleasantvillethe comedy written and directed by Gary Ross writer of Big and Daveand here in his directorial debut. After all, by the end of the movie tyranny is vanquished, oppressed minorities are freed, women are empowered, art and knowledge are extolled. The movie undoubtedly handles big questions and is carried by a story line that centers on ideas of worldview, truth and justice.

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Not every film is made to stand the test of time, especially those commenting on specific socio-political events or struggles. While the basic premise finds a pair of 90s teenagers being transported into the black-and-white world of a Leave It to Beaver -like s TV show where the weather is always 72 degrees and the basketball team has never missed a shot, Pleasantville is highly metaphorical in nature. Especially for its intended audience of teenagers.

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MacyJ. Perfect, that is, until David and his sister Jennifer Reese Witherspoon are mysteriously transported to the black and white world of Pleasantville and the perfect world of Pleasantville become less than perfect and more than black and white. My high hopes for an original story were lullied away with the mediocrity of this film. On one hand, one gets a sense of some moral message, but that is vague at best.

In one scene in particular, a young woman shows a brightly colored apple to young and yet uncolored David, encouraging him to take and eat it.

Macy becoming colored when he expressed his love for his wife and Mary Sue Parker Reese Witherspoon became colored when she read a book. So what are we left with?

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We know that true joy is found in knowing and serving our God PsalmPsalmIsaiahActsRomansRomans If you still plan to see it, take a non-Christian friend along, talk about what real happiness is and share the joy and peace and radical excitement that comes from following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. MPA Rating : for some thematic elements emphasizing sexuality, and for language.

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Moral Rating:. It is an attack on Christianity, though passively.

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I went with four Christian friends and they felt the same as I did. I appreciate this Web site and will visit it from now on before going to see any movie… David, age Just want something!

Classic existentialism—and understood by. Be sure to discuss the absurdity of this position with anyone you know who saw this! Art Stormer, age The security enjoyed by many were not enjoyed by all. Dark family secrets were just that—secrets. Sex—the embodiment of love between two people was not spoken of. Fear, not morality, was the guiding light… Tom, age I walked out of the movie theater very confused and disappointed.

Sin was portrayed as colorful and interesting. This is exactly what Satan wanted Adam and Eve to think i.

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I was offended by the language. I was also shocked and embarrassed at the sexual scenes and the masturbation scene. I could not recommend this movie, even though the special effects were superb. Ryan Stamey, age This recent movie is chocked full of lies, distortions, and role reversals where good is evil and evil is good.

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Of course good is completely slandered and falsely represented. Pleasantville is a twisted allegory of Genesis with so much nonsense, Sunday school third graders could see through the holes of absurdity. They are saved from this terrible condition by, guess what? Yes, sin is the savior in Pleasantville. While defaming the Genesis story, political conservatives are portrayed as book burners, bigots, leading riots and lynch mobs.

Any christian paying to see this movie should regret that his money will go into the pockets of people who scream hate speech against the Bible. Michael McClara, age The movie overplayed sensual art in pleasantville form painted pictures of nudity —instead of just showing decent art forms, they kept coming back to the nude art form. Karyn Kerr, age Or was it? Something I took away from this free was the emphasis of individuality.

I know that some scenes make this point in the wrong way i. Whereas if I let Christ and all of His beauty flow out of me, this will not only affect me but the people around me. I can see why secular reviewers are rating it so high. I thought the first half was superior to the second, where it started getting preachy.

What I found most offensive was the scene where Don Knotts talks to Bud from the tvs in the electronics store. Am I being paranoid, or did someone else notice that? Jessica Vaughn, age I grew up in the s, and while things were different, I sex not believe for a second that they were better. There were problems in that decade that people ignored.

This came to roost in the s. When I look at them now, I realize how shallow they were. Marcus Williams, age Particularly the comments where people walked out before seeing the whole movie. My wife and I went to see this movie and had a really thought provoking discussion in the parking lot about what we thought the moviemakers were trying to say. This movie was about rational thought being better than a lack thereof.

Sex in this movie was just used as a means to shock people into thinking.

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Ed Smith, age What filth and embarassment this movie was… So truly, though, this review was weak in a world that needs clear absolutes. Nancy, age I agree with the reviewer that this film lacked any substantial entertainment value, and that anybody that goes to this movie to be entertained will be disappointed.

This movie is a clear presentation of the core beliefs of both the producers and many Americans today. The belief that adherence to any sort of absolutes in morality or elsewhere is something that restrains us from true happiness and enlightenment was the main theme of the movie. Although this film does contain many scenes and language that many Christians would find offensive, I think that it is a valuable movie for Christians to see in order to recognize the way that many of our neighbors see the world.

Michael Koerber, age I was and still am angry at the assault on Christian values. We must be outraged and express that disgust before movie-making will change. Janie Weatherwax, age Leave it to Hollywood to even destroy the family values of the 50's! My wife Julie and I walked out before the movie was over in total disgust and were depressed about going to see it.

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The entire message that chastity and fidelity were old fashioned fuddy duddy values and by adding teen sex and adultery to the world of pleasantville, that this somehow improved it, made us sick to our stomachs. Plus, the excessive use of vulgarity and profanity also added to this nausea.

The tired old racist themes were also pushed. Christians beware! If you want to contribute money to push immorality, unfaithfullness and profanity, then go see this. Otherwise, do not waste time even thinking about going to see it. Pat Carr, age If the best the movie can offer is to tell us that the key to satisfaction with life is to expect nothing, what a sad comment that is! Andrew Campbell, age A Sickening Message … My 16 year old son and I went to see this movie last Friday night… I am a pretty open minded person.

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But I feel this is a very dangerous movie. We as Christians, would never go and see a gang related movie or a slasher or satanic film. But, this movie masqueraded as a pretty innocent and fun movie. Very wrong!!! How dare the movie makers compare this to what the African Americans suffered at that time!!!

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This was a very very disturbing movie! By the way there is no mention of God or church at all. And morality and family values are depicted as simple, unenlightened and… stupid. This movie literally makes me sick to my stomach… Brenda D. Curtiss, age As a stay at home mom; I was offended.

If you see this movie; keep a sharp wit about you and look for much symbolism. This is a movie where you must know 20th century history to really understand what is being protrayed in this film. Don is holding their lives in his hands with a flip attitude a secular view and the kids bring sin into the 50's.

The movie is filled with anti-chritian messages. Those alone make it hard to stand the film. Ronni Howard, age Now, instead of idealizing family life, we are treated in movies and TV to the lowest anti-ideal situations. This is a film Christians should avoid in my opinion! Chris, age