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I am dating spark that loves datings

I felt irrational anger toward him for showing up to town and innocently, unwittingly enabling one of my close guy friends to get back with a toxic ex — just before he was set to fly back to the West Coast and completely avoid the aftermath.

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With this person—correction, this nice person—I had no spark; no butterflies keeping me up at night thinking about what he might be doing or thinking. But nothing was wrong. In fact, on face value, it seemed that everything was essentially right. We went out on a few dates. Our personalities clicked. He made plans in advance.

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Meeting someone new, flirting, and going on that first date can be seriously exciting.

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It's new, the butterflies are doing their thing, and you're pumped about what this date could potentially turn into. Does that automatically mean it's not meant to be? Experts suggest taking a chill pill.

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Not feeling those love-dovey sparks on the very first date shouldn't be a total deal breaker. Chlipaladating and relationships expert and d marriage and family therapist, tells Elite Daily. After all, it's just a first date, and barring any major lies or discomfort, consider giving your date a second chance.

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You never know what the second date will bring, because as nice as it is to feel those sparks right away, they aren't always necessarily proof of compatibility. Some people are anxious or need to feel safe before they can be vulnerable, and vulnerability can increase feelings of connection. People can also grow into attraction — you just have to give someone a chance.

So, if you don't feel those sparks, how long are you supposed to wait until you call things off?

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A week? Two dates?

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Give the person a chance, but remember there is a limit, and you shouldn't have to be with someone who you feel absolutely no spark with. At that point, call it quits.

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Believe it or not, if you aren't feeling that spark, it might be a good thing. And of those times, how many of those connections lasted?

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Again, don't put too much pressure on you or your date to feel that spark right off the bat. You never know if someone will end up being the person you're meant to be with.

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First dates are full of anxiety and expectations, so it might be wise not to entirely judge your feelings toward someone based entirely on that one night. By Korey Lane.

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